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Meth Addiction Treatment: Getting Rid Of Bad Influences During Recovery

Following a meth addiction treatment, early recovery may be the hardest time you’ll face. It is because you’ll be dealing with the thoughts of previous people you once had contact with; the memories of using; and even cravings.

Of all these triggers, people, who have influenced you to your addictive behavior may be the hardest to ignore after the meth abuse treatment. Why? They can come to you anytime to persuade you to use meth again.

How to ignore people who have contributed to your addiction?

It’s hard to let go of people, even the reason why they are in your life is because they led you to use meth. Prior to your meth addiction treatment, you’ll find these people the most valuable among your friends.

They are there anytime to give you a company, and to give you a constant supply of meth. However, right after your meth abuse treatment, these are the same people that you need to let go.

During your recovery, you have to forget people, who contributed to your addiction, be it your closest relative or friend. They may be a person, who lets you stay in his home for meth use; a dealer; or a user.

This time, you have to burn bridges if it is the only way that would let you continue your sobriety after your treatment for meth abuse. It may sound bad or intimidating, but you can only be with them again the moment they already understand and support your abstinence.

Cutting ties:

Don’t take your sobriety for granted. There is no compromising when it comes to getting clean, whether it involves staying away from people that you’re close to.

How you’re going to avoid these people after your meth addiction treatment? Initially, you need to let them know that you are completely a different person now and you are in your recovery.

Be aware of the following:

Do not attempt to be near them. If you see one of them smoking, it is very likely that you’ll smoke too. If they use meth, you’ll use meth too. Do not attempt to test yourself, particularly some months following your treatment for meth addiction. To succeed, it is better not to be around them anymore.

Do not make amendments. Don’t give them the opportunity to see or hear anything about you. The thing is, if they really want to make you use drugs again, they would do everything to reach you. So, do not give them any chances.

Don’t feel guilty about your sobriety. Do you feel the bad guy because you are avoiding your previous friends? Sometimes, you have to give the people, you are not really after your welfare.


Does anyone need your help? Be cautious.

Now that you are months away after your meth addiction treatment, you may feel a bit better about your new found sobriety. However, don’t feel overconfident that you’ll set aside our goals.

The most surprising thing about abstinence is that some time in your life, some of your friends who have been using meth will come to you to ask for help. They may have come to a point of hitting the rock bottom or they really want to start changing their lives.

The key here is, don’t try to do everything on your own when they need a meth addiction treatment.  Don’t sacrifice your abstinence. You have to do everything to protect your sobriety. You may refer your friend to a support group or sponsor who can help them.The only time you can help them is when you know that you are strong enough to resist anything connected with meth. 

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